Here you can find information about the attractions close to Salpalinjan Hovi and Lappeenranta which are available to the guests.

If you cannot find an activity of your preference or need more information, call or e-mail us and we will try to answer and fulfill your requests.

Activities at the Hotel:

  • Rutola-village trail
  • Salpa Line info-spot  -  Read more about the Salpa Line on this page

  • Geologically interesting watershed-area and timber rafting history

  • A swimming beach 400 meters from the hotel door

  • Great bird watching opportunities around and near the hotel

  • Fishing opportunities - ask more upon arrival or right now

  • Good mushroom and berry-picking grounds

  • An old sand court of the school. Outside games available for borrowing

  • Good opportunities for cycling

  • Canoeing possible. The hotel is located in the middle of a canoeing route.

  • Artist Raili Salojärvi’s  atelier is located one kilometer from the hotel

Media and technology

  • Each room has a TV
  • Free internet/Wi-Fi works in the entire hotel

  • A tablet-computer can be borrowed in exchange for a deposit

Swimming and Sauna

  • Swimming and Sauna
  • The hotel's traditional finnish sauna is available through reservation. Price for group (max. 6 persons) 20 €/first hour, extra hours 10 €/hour.

  • The hot tub with sauna (1.5. - 31.10.) price for group (max 6 persons) 60 €/2 hours.

  • The closest swimming spot is 400m away. A big beach including a jumping tower is located in Myllysaari, Lappeenranta.

Salpalinja History and Bunkers

Salpalinjan Hovi is located on top of a defense line called Salpa Line (direct translation = Bolt Line) that was built in the 1940’s in order to protect Finland from Soviet Union’s attacks. Very close to the hotel you can find two underground machine gun bunkers and an enormous three story lodging-cave, mined into the rock, which according to different sources was supposed to accommodate 60-100 soldiers. While staying at Salpalinjan Hovi these remarkable sites of Finnish war history are available for you to explore with an expert guide.

GUIDED TOUR TO Salpalinja fortifications
Salpalinja forms Finland’s largest line of defence. The building of the fortifications was begun in 1940-41 by order of Marshall Mannerheim, then the Supreme Commander of the Finnish Army. The Salpalinja is made of over 1200 kilometres of reinforced concrete, wood, barbed wire and stone.

You canbook a guided tour on the Salpa-Linja’slargest completely built bunker for soldiers

Duration: 1 hour
Price: 75 €/group of 1-10 persons.

Bookings: Email: Tel: +358 50 336 0986

Click below to reserve a Salpalinja-guidance route. The link opens up to a separate window:


Sights and attractions in Lappeenranta

Especially for families with children

Nearby towns

Lemi, 14 km from Salpalinjan Hovi

Luumäki 30 km from Salpalinjan Hovi

Imatra 46 km from Salpalinjan Hovis

Ylämaa 32 km from Salpalinjan Hovi

  • Jewelry fair: “Ylämaa’s international jewelry and mineral fair is Finland’s oldest and biggest event in its field”